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Activities for Children with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

Here's some good and fun activities suggestions for autistic children, However, most of these activities can be used for all special education children.

1. You could play with him in a swimming pool. Make a splashing game or a kick game. Get some simple pool toys or beach toys like beach ball, floating rings, etc. Sing a song so he could swim with the beat and feel relax. Remember to keep a good eye on the child while in a pool.

2. In a class, you could print out some pictures of eating, sports, going to the bathroom, sleep and everything that may happen in his daily life. Let him make a schedule for himself, he should like this activity, because children with autism take constant schedules very seriously. And if the schedule they followed everyday is broken, it will ruin their day badly.

3. Big Tupperware items filled with rice or beans will be fun, you can put little toys in them and have the autistic child put his hand into the rice or beans to find them. The game could make a mess, but they would love it.

4. Sensory play is widely suggested, too. You could take the child to a children's museum if there's one nearby. Commonly, there will be something that could interests the child.

5. Structured activities with a clear start, middle and end are always good for children with autism because they like rules, organization and structure. Gymnastics is a common game that autistic children do well at since there is less reliance on language(children with autism often have little communication skills) but a lot of motor movement and imitation.

6. If music can calm the child down, you can introduce different instruments to him, with some music playing gently in the background. You can let him beat a drum and learn different rhythms

.7. There are some therapeutic horse riding groups that you can participate in, children can learn to feed and take care of horses in their lessons.

8. Every child with autism is different, you should find out his likes and dislikes and continue to do the things he seems to enjoy.

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