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Welcome to Creative Therapy

Dr. Kawthar Hameed

Dear Prospective Parents,

Greetings! We are thrilled to connect with you through our online platform and introduce Creative Therapy—an established therapy and consultation office based in Muscat, Oman, with a rich history dating back to 2005.

At Creative Therapy, our primary focus is on children and teenagers encountering various challenges, including intellectual disabilities, developmental issues, behavioral concerns, speech and language difficulties, sensory issues, and learning challenges. Our team of experienced therapists is passionately dedicated to creating a secure and nurturing environment for your child's growth and development.

To address the unique needs of each child, we offer a diverse range of specialized therapies, including play therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and occupational therapy. It's important to note that all our therapies and support sessions are conducted on a one-to-one ratio, ensuring personalized attention and care tailored to your child's specific requirements.

Our ultimate goal is to empower your child to thrive and unlock their full potential. We are genuinely grateful for the opportunity to be considered as a partner in your journey towards finding the best support for your child. If you have any questions or if there's anything specific you would like to discuss, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you for exploring Creative Therapy. We look forward to the possibility of being a positive influence in the life of your child.


Warm regards,



Dr. Kawthar Hameed Abdullah -Ed.D
Creative Therapy Team


Our Therapies and Support

learning to cut
Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy at Creative Therapy serves as a transformative tool, empowering children to master essential tasks such as writing, using scissors, tying shoes, and utensil manipulation. Our dedicated occupational therapists seamlessly weave these tasks into engaging activities, cleverly designed to address specific challenges a child may face. Beyond the tangible activities, we incorporate sensory experiences into our therapy sessions, offering children valuable tools to process information and navigate the world around them more comfortably.

Notably, our occupational therapy extends its reach to children dealing with developmental challenges, intellectual hurdles, and learning or reading difficulties. Tailoring interventions to individual needs, our therapists contribute to a holistic approach that enhances overall well-being. By fostering confidence and competence in daily activities, occupational therapy becomes a transformative force in helping children overcome challenges, facilitating their journey to achieve their full potential.

Play therapy
Play Therapy

At Creative Therapy, we employ Play Therapy to provide crucial support for children with disabilities, with a particular focus on enhancing communication and self-expression in those with autism. This therapeutic approach not only aids children in developing play skills but also facilitates engagement with therapists to process their experiences effectively.

The fundamental concept of Play Therapy is rooted in the recognition that play serves as a natural avenue for children to express themselves, establishing a secure and nurturing space for such expression.

Specifically tailored for children with developmental disabilities, Play Therapy becomes instrumental in fostering social skills, refining communication, and mitigating challenging behaviors. Demonstrating effectiveness in helping children navigate obstacles, this approach unlocks their full potential.

Acting as an accessible tool for children encountering developmental challenges, Play Therapy enables the comfortable expression of emotions and feelings through play. It serves as a non-verbal means of communication, eliminating the necessity for explicit verbalization and promoting a holistic approach to emotional well-being.

Speech therapy
Speech Therapy

At Creative Therapy, our skilled Speech-Language therapists are dedicated to working with children across various age groups and abilities. If your child is facing challenges in communication or related disorders, they could find great support through our speech therapy services. From minor issues like sound repetitions and misarticulations to more significant difficulties, such as the inability to communicate effectively, our play-based approach to speech and language therapy is designed to be beneficial for children. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality language and speech therapy for children in need, aiming to help each child reach their maximum potential in developing strong speech and language skills!

Behavior Therapy

At Creative Therapy, we employ Behavioral Management Therapy to support children facing behavioral challenges, emphasizing the reinforcement of positive behaviors and the reduction of undesirable ones.


Rooted in applied behavior analysis (ABA), this approach systematically monitors a child's progress in developing fundamental skills.

Various ABA techniques are employed for behavior modification, such as Positive Behavioral Support (PBS), which seeks to comprehend the underlying causes of problematic behaviors and fosters a positive environment. Pivotal Response Training (PRT) concentrates on pivotal skills like motivation and communication within the child's daily context. Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) delivers personalized, behavior-focused instruction, particularly beneficial for very young children. Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) dissects skill teaching into manageable steps, incorporating positive reinforcement.

It's crucial to highlight that, alongside ABA, we also incorporate additional behavioral therapies, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to addressing children's behavioral needs.

Down syndrome child
Early intervention

At Creative Therapy, we proactively intervene for children under 4 with developmental delays, through regular therapies and guiding parents on using more therapeutic activities at home in specific delayed areas. 


We address specific delays in motor skills, speech, behavior, sensory interactions, and social development. Our primary focus is supporting children with disabilities, enhancing social, motor, and cognitive skills like learning, grooming, and socializing with peers, fostering overall development.


We offer developmental screening assessments which cover Auditory, Fine and Gross Motor, Expressive and Receptive Language, Visual, and Sensory activities.


Based on age, needs, activity goals, and history, we tailor a personalized treatment plan. 


Child in therapy
Support Sessions

At Creative Therapy, we provide specialized educational support tailored for children facing intellectual disabilities, developmental challenges, or learning difficulties. Our one-to-one special education programs are designed to be goal-oriented, catering specifically to the individual needs of each child.


Our experienced special education teachers employ a variety of techniques to facilitate learning and foster academic excellence.

These techniques may include personalized lesson plans, multisensory approaches, and adaptive teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles.


Our goal is to create a supportive and engaging learning environment that encourages each child to thrive academically and develop essential skills. Additionally, we collaborate closely with parents to ensure continuity in the child's learning experience at home.

Our commitment extends beyond traditional teaching methods, incorporating innovative strategies and resources to address the unique challenges each child may face. By emphasizing personalized attention and goal-driven support, Creative Therapy strives to empower children with the tools they need to excel academically and reach their full potential.

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